I am on maternity leave.

My name is Gabrielle Rose, and I live in Oakland, CA. 

Through my art I endeavor to stir up those in-between emotions that are difficult to articulate with words. I also attempt to make artistic connections with the moral and emotional ambiguity found in the best fairy tales and children’s stories. 

I am hugely inspired by the artists of the Golden Age of Illustration, such as Kay Nielsen, Arthur Rackham, and Edmund Dulac. I also like Aubrey Beardsley. Anime is currently a growing influence in my art (although animation in general has always been a significant stylistic influence in my work). I am also inspired by my childhood fears, nature, and other creative minds. 

Get in touch with me through my Contact page, or email me at hello@drawgabbydraw.com.

My website's at drawgabbydraw.com.


Watercolor and ink art by Gabrielle Rose.